Management Portal

Portable EHR is a mobile application (‘’App‘’) that allows a patient to visualize or transmit by his own consent medical information generated about him by a third party and recorded in his medical record. Third parties may include clinical facilities such as laboratories and clinics, and health integration networks. When the patient reads the ‘’Information’’ on his mobile (cell phone, tablet, etc…), their ‘’Record’’ is updated to indicate that the ‘’Information’’ was both received and read. Moreover, the ‘’App’’ allows the user to manage personally his consent to disclosure and secure transfer of ‘’Information’’ to other parties who may need such a direct access to provide optimal quality care.


Patient sign-up occurs when a patient is seen at one of the participating clinical facilities, and requests the use of the ‘’App‘’. The patient can then activate his newly created account on a portable device of his choice.

Clinical facilities

Clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies can provide patient data, such that alerts, notifications, and eventually medical records information can be forwarder to their patient.

Addidionally, the status of notifications delivery will be provided to the appropriate physician and other authorized dispensary personel.

Health Integration Networks (HIN)

HIN's can coordinate and feed patient information for multiple clinical facilities as a single entity, such that alerts, notifications are forwarded to patient's devices, and the patient can consult the associated medical records.

HIN's may be, for example, a Pharmacy brand that includes many outlets on their territory of operation.