About Portable EHR

Portable EHR is first and foremost an application designed for patients. The application is designed for smart phones and tablets with Internet access and a robust identification mechanism, preferably a fingerprint scanner. This application connects to the Portable EHR central servers via a secure connection.

The application thus offers the patient an array of basic services :

Our service-oriented architecture facilitates the integration of our servers into different systems of computerized clinical files, in compliance with the regulatory requirements regarding the privacy and security of information to which the producers of computerized clinical files are bound. Our architecture also allows us to provide value-added services to patients who wish to access them.

Frequently asked questions

From the patient’s perspective

Patient benefits from Portable EHR

Confidentiality of patient information

How to register

Services available

No access to a cell phone.

Access to Portable EHR is provided only if, when registering, the patient provides a valid cell phone number and e-mail address.

Patient at several clinics

A person who is a patient of several facilities (clinics, laboratories, pharmacies) may be given a mobile app providing access to all their information in these facilities.


From the physician’s perspective

Physicians registered with Portable EHR have the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues in improving and maintaining the availability and quality of the medical services to which their patients have access.

The benefits of Portable EHR

How it works

How to register

Physicians are not required to register. Once the integration of Portable EHR into the computerized clinical file has been completed, the clinic proceeds with registration.

Confidentiality of messages

How to ensure that only the patient will be able to see their messages from their physician

From a clinic owner’s perspective

Benefits of such a service

Clinical file technologies supported

The clinic’s confidential information